Thinking about the environment is the least we can do, we try to pollute the world less at

A selection of our measures:

  • We use paper packaging, padding and tape instead of plastic.
  • Through smart shipping (largely via letter post) we can offer you free shipping and we prevent empty space at shipping services so that more mail / parcels can be transported at the same time, reducing CO2.
  • We bring postal items to the postal point by bicycle, in this way we reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Packaging and filling material from our suppliers are reused where possible and we separate waste.
  • You will not receive any documents in the packaging, you will receive the invoice by email and you can always request it digitally from us.


What you can do for the environment when ordering online:

  • Save shipping packaging and filling material for when you send a package yourself.
  • Separate waste if you cannot reuse it.
  • Send returns in the same packaging.
  • Think before you order about the size or color, do not order multiple items to return the rest.


What do you do for a better environment?