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  1. Now delivered with a free mini cleaning cloth for your phone or case.

Your phone will look as new with this card holder, but the most important: take up tp 7 cards with you. This sticky card holder has 2 slots, for example put your cards in the first slot and earphones and bank notes in the second slot.


You don’t need your wallet from now on, you already take your phone everywhere and now with 1-7 cards behind it. For example: a public transport card, ID, student card, creditcard, key, cash and many other small things!

How often do you forget your wallet?

Take the sticker sheet off and stick the cardholder to the back of your phone(case), from now on you can take your favorite cards with you. These cards won’t fall out because of the lycra material (elastic).

This phone card holder is universal and easy to stick

The NFC chip in your card or the card itself will not get damaged. The magnetic radiation from your phone is too weak to damage cards. You can still use wireless charging if you stick your mobile cardholder to a case, and remove the phone case before charging.

A safe mobile cardholder

You don’t have to worry about skimming, when you get skimmed, most banks will compensate the lost money. Skimming is not so popular because transactions are trackable.

These phone brands are also possible with this card holder

This cardholder can be sticked easily to many smartphones (with a minimum free surface of 5,5cm x 9cm).

    • Apple iPhone
    • Samsung Galaxy
    • Pixel
    • Oppo
    • Motorola
    • Huawei
    • Xiaomi
    • KG
    • Nokia
    • Lenovo
    • Vivo
    • Sony

Additional information

Weight15 g


Suitable for

All phones and cases


Leaves and flowers, Panther, Pineapple

Amount of cards

1 till 7

Accessory for











Ananas, Bladeren en bloemen, Panter

Shipping method

Parcel letter (untracked), could be different when ordering more products

Amount of slots


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